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Product News


21 Dec 23 We are in the process of updating language and currency switch plugins for the webstore. Currently, it is only possible to see Swedish and SEK. 

18 Oct 23 The forum is up again. Welcome to talk pedals there!

5 Sep 23 Starting to finish with BJF Heavy Swede kit, Moodytron version 2 and also some smaller projects that were involved during the summer. These effects will soon be available in the online store. 

16 Jun 23 Powder coated speakers from Gardberg Audio in stock now. What amazingly beautiful colors! 

14 Jun 23 Large package of BJF Analog Reverb kits packed, ready and sent to PrimoFX in the USA. 

26 May 23 Engraving day! NO ORDER MANAGEMENT! The work to recreate FSÖ's engravings continues during week 22. Orders placed after 26/5 will be sent no earlier than 5th June.

22 May 23 Received telejack with switch, both mono and stereo, pointer knobs with different colors. BYOC Five knob compressor kit also back in stock.

10 May 23 Serviced a well used BabyBox Noise Generator v2 from 2008 and built a new one on the older board. Also built a Mushroom Echo, red with white dots, following the older (outer) design but with a new board (see Shelf).

4 May 23. Sorted Philips Orange drops NOS capacitors as well as some older measuring instruments. Received delivery with BYOC kits. Silver Pony kit, 5 knob compressor, spring reverb and more.

27 Apr 23. Working on fixing the currency converter. Norwegian and Danish kroner as well as GBP do not work at the moment. Only Swedish kronor, EUR and USD.

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