We are making a limited edition BJF Heavy Swede with engraving based on artwork by Kim W Andersson. This series is called Blot Sacrifice and the 24 pedals in the series have their unique serial number engraved in the motif.

The BJF Heavy Swede is a real heavy thing, with a SIL OP amp, a BC109 transistor and a vintage germanium transistor, pushing the signal. Even there, it looks promising. We have also provided it with two ge diodes which create a light gate effect and which reduce noise.

The BJF Heavy Swede has a treble control with which you can tap the highest frequencies. It also has three EQ knobs and you can highlight the heavy metal in exactly the right frequency range.

Genuine bypass and 9V power supply with normal polarity.

The BJF Heavy Swede is produced in a smaller series of 24 pedals and this series is called "Blot * Sacrifice". Artwork by Kim W. Andersson. Circuit design: Björn Juhl. The pedals are hand built in Sweden by Moody Sounds. The artwork on the pedal is an engraving and the unique serial number is written in the engraving.

* "The word "Blot" in Swedish refers to an ancient Norse ritual involving sacrifice to the gods, often performed in pre-Christian Scandinavia. The English equivalent term for this ritualistic sacrifice is also "Blot." The term has been adopted into English from Old Norse, maintaining its original form and meaning.”