Hjärt Müller overdrive pedal was originally a drive pedal for bass, but the tone wheel makes the pedal quite flexible and you can set it so that it emphasizes more of the high register. The other knobs are called Drive, Volume and Mix.

Mix is ​​connected as a blend control where you have effect sound on one side and bypass (buffered) on the other side. The Drive control has also been chosen so that the pedal gets a large range and with Drive at minimum, and Mix to effect/wet, you still have very little oversteer. It can of course be pulled up and with Drive at max you have pretty good Dist.

Heart Müller has Genuine Bypass.

With the modification components, you can, among other things, control the properties of the filter and influence how aggressive the pedal should be.

Construction manuals

Difficulty level: 3 (out of 5)
The manual for Hjärt Müller kit (Swedish)
The manual for Hjärt Müller kit (English)


The manual for Hjärt Müller kit (Swedish)
The manual for Hjärt Müller kit (English)

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2 reviews for Hjärt Müller overdrive kit

  1. David Johansson

    5 out of 5

    My first build! Thought I might have gone overboard as the difficulty level was 4/5, but everything worked out (and was really fun!). Easy if you follow the instructions carefully and have a steady hand when soldering. The circuit board is quite small, so it can be a bit fiddly. Took maybe three leisurely hours from start to finish. Worked instantly!

    Sounds like a party on the home amplifier, not tried in the scratch yet. Did one of the overdrive mods, changed a resistor. Will see if there is anything further after a little more testing.

  2. Anonym

    Perfect pedal if you basically want a clean guitar tone, but just want to warm up a bit.

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