Tips and tricks

Learn to build pedals!

Here are pdfs to download, which describe commonly used components and pedal building tricks.

General building tips

Articles published in FUZZ Magazine

Learn to solder There are of course lots of instructional videos on YouTube, but here are good tips on how not to solder. 

Manuals for kits that have been discontinued

(Current and previous manuals for kits sold today, see respective product)

Mammoth – Carlsbad Reverb kit
Mammoth – J201 Clean Boost kit
Mammoth – Mothman Fuzz kit
Mammoth – Techtonic Compressor kit
Mammoth – Weeping Willow Wah kit 
Moody – Echo with mushroom mod (v.3 2012 Swedish)
Moody – Feedback Loops (loop pedal with short circuit function between input and output)
Moody – Talking base (v1.0 2009 Swedish)
Moody – Talking base (v1.1 2011 Swedish)
Moody - Strange Devil (delay with loop)
Is the manual you are looking for not in the list? Get in touch!